• Picture Me Thinking

    Makes Inquiry Explicit

  • Inquiry Instruction Teaches

    Complex Problem Solving

  • Explicit Instruction Makes

    Inquiry Accessible to Everyone!

There is a moment when clarity dawns, light flashes in the eyes and a smile spreads across the face. Confusion gives way to deep understanding and learning becomes its own reward. Although the moment seems magical, the path to getting there is not a mystery...

OUR VISION FOR SCHOOLS: Inclusive Inquiry Instruction and Excellent Student Essays

Our driving goal is to provide the Picture Me Thinking Intervention to ALL schools so that ALL students can make the high-risk transition from middle school to high school with the reasoning skills they need to succeed at developing arguments for essays. When teachers integrate the Picture Me Thinking Model into Inquiry-Based Instruction (IBI), the structure and language of reasoning become clear and easy to learn. As a result, the content and format of students' writing improve dramatically and they are more likely to stay in school and graduate. Please view our introductory video below.

As a For-Benefit Enterprise, Picture Me Thinking, Inc. operates to benefit students and schools. We are committed to providing affordable and time-efficient solutions. The cost of three one-hour sessions of PMT training plus materials is $1,920 per school. Each student that drops out costs a school over $12,000 a year in federal and state funding, so PMT is a low-cost and high-return investment. For More information contact Karen Amende, Executive Director at K.amende@picturemethinking.com.

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