The pace of change in the 21st Century will require ALL students to be problem solvers.
Struggling students are behind their peers in learning skills in problem-solving and persuasive reasoning. This is a major factor in their academic failure - especially when it comes to research and writing tasks. It will also impact their ability to research and interview for jobs.

We provide scaffolding for Inquiry Instruction to support low-achieving students.
Inquiry Instruction is a proven approach for teaching reasoning skills. Unfortunately, the leading publishers of Inquiry materials target average-to-high performing students because that is the larger market with the greater profit. As a result, struggling students who need scaffolding for these critical thinking skills are generally left out of Inquiry Instruction. Our company is firmly committed to bringing Inquiry Instruction to struggling students, their teachers, and school systems with limited resources. 

We operate for a social purpose.
Picture Me Thinking, Inc. is a For-Benefit Enterprise. Harvard Business Review distinguishes two primary characteristics of For-Benefit Enterprises; 1) they have a commitment to social purpose, and 2) they are reliant on earned income. Our social purpose is to benefit all the stakeholders in the success of low-achieving students, including students parents, schools, teachers, and the community as a whole because students who succeed in school stay in school.

We are affordable because access in education is essential for equity in education.
Picture Me Thinking Program is accessible to all schools because the investment of money and teacher training time low.  The combined PMT training, teacher manuals, and lesson materials cost only $960 per school. We also help raise matching scholarships for half this amount ($480) by communicating with parent and community stakeholder groups. SCHOLARSHIPS


Karen Amende, MA ED, MA SPED, MBA is our founder and Executive Director. k.amende@picturemethinking.com
Karen has delivered Picture Me Thinking training 1) to middle and high schools, 2) as an instructor at San Francisco State's Graduate School of Education in the course "Advanced Curriculum Modification and Behavior Supports," and 3) to Oakland California schools as an intern teacher supervisor.  She is also an experienced mergers and acquisition banker and turn-around consultant for companies in diverse industries.  She developed the PMT Model, as a Doctoral candidate at UC Berkeley, by blending her experience as a corporate executive with research on cognitive development and the Common Core Standards for writing and reading comprehension.  In the corporate arena, Karen delivers workshops on how to use the PMT Model to guide Inquiry into real-world problem-solving applications. For the Workplace

Tim McIntyre recently graduated from UC Berkeley and is our Director of Media.  Tim has been a website content and design manager for the National Writing Project.  He is currently working on his teaching credential at Northwestern University in Chicago.  Tim also reviews and formats all teacher lesson plans submitted to the Teacher's Exchange on this site to ensure they optimally reflect the PMT model. t.mcintyre@picturemethinking.com

Our Advisory Team includes innovative educators, corporate professionals and researchers who contribute content that reflects real-world problems.  We have a diverse group of globally-minded advisors who generously contribute to content that shows how the Picture Me Thinking model supports workplace problem-solving.