A Road Map for Problem Solving
The Picture Me Thinking Model (PMT) provides a visual/verbal road map for Inquiry by providing consistent structure for analytical and innovative problem-solving.  When employees have a consistent structure for collaborating they are able to focus on the key data and ideas instead of getting side-tracked by process.

Building Relationships
The PMT model transfers easily across workplace domains to facilitate problem-solving between departments, divisions, suppliers and client/customers.

“Information is like oil, it has no real value until it is refined and used” Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM

On-Site Inquiry Workshops
We deliver ninety-minute workshops on how to use the PMT Model to structure problem analysis and design innovative solutions.  Participant outcomes include improved organization and creativity in their thinking, writing and presentation skills.

Workshop Titles and Fees
The fee for each workshop is $2,000 for up to 25 participants.  The following six workshops include applying the PMT model to McKinsey-style case studies and solving client-specific problems.

1. Inquiry as Leadership: Facilitating Deep Analysis and Innovation

2. Inquiry for Product Development, Marketing and Selling: Becoming a Problem Solving Partner

3. Inquiry and Financial Planning: Identifying Cash Flow Drivers for Projections

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